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Missing medal index card to 2415 bombardier r broughton royal artillery


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Picked up a cheap victory medal on eBay this week. The seller information was 2415 bombardier r broughton Royal artillery

Because it was near the end of the auction. I thought the seller had made a mistake with a serial number because it was cheap I decided to take a chance.

Having now had the medal delivered I can see that the seller was right and the serial number is correct now the trouble is I can’t find any information about r broughton 2145 royal artillery 

fresh pair of eyes, or any information about this soldier would be very welcome. Thanks in advance

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This would make him a Cheshire Brigade RFA Territorial enlisting 6/11/1915.

Perhaps served Salonika late 1916 on?

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the picture of the MIC on Fold 3 shows the full number 736259 . his medal roll has T.2415.

just taking the assumption  his name is only as given, his birth 1895 +-5 years ( my general check) and Charlies Cheshire reference, 

there may only be the one , age 16 in 1911, born Wilmslow ,lived Lacey Green, Wilmslow.


is it a coincidence that forceswarrecords have a Broughton, Robert  service number 241 , Regiment Royal Field Artillery WO 372 /3/101409

may be worth a check






9my generalis

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