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numbering seems back to front

Jim Strawbridge

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I have just taken possession of a trio of medals to Gnr/Bmbr A. Archer, R.F.A.  What is interesting is that the long number (810251) is on the 1914/5 star and the short number (580) is on the BWM and victory medal.  Surely the short number (possibly T.A.) would have been the earliest and the long number when the army did a mass renumbering.



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I'll bump this by saying he seems to be a Bombardier as 580 and a Gunner as 810251. So he's a substantive NCO with the short number. Higher rank would normally be later.


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Clerical error presumably. Roll prepared by MFP not RFA so lack of familiarity. He's not the only one. Eg see Swift P16156

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