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During my various research projects, I have come across the fact that there was a committee that gave each battle a name and designated the actual dates for that battle.

Firstly please can any member of this forum tell me the name of the committee and

Secondly, is there anywhere on the internet a full list of official battles fought by the British and Soldiers of the Empire?

Any information would be welcomed.

Thank You.



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Hi Richard,

'Statistics of the military effort of the British Empire' (published 1922) contains an outline diary of the war, which I believe is based on the work of the  Nomenclature Committee. A free download is available from here.


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The book mentioned by Michelle 

Army. The official names of the battles and other engagements fought by the military forces of the British Empire during the Great War, 1914-1919, and the Third Afghan War, 1919. Report of the Battles Nomenclature Committee as approved by the Army Council. 

is available on the library subscription website   UK Parliamentary Papers reference Command Papers/ Accounts and Papers/ Session: 1921/Paper Number: Cmd. 1138

Many people would have access to UK Parliamentary Papers through their Library card.


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A significant number of battles fought by the British in France and Flanders were named after rivers.

Maybe that reflects the French propensity to name departments  after the principal rivers they include.  Or is it because British people find rivers especially evocative in folklore and prefer them as tokens of identification ?



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As ever the members of this forum come up with trumps. Thank you and well done.

The info is just what I needed.

Thank you.


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