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Luger marking question


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A friend just purchased a very nice Luger pistol. It is double dated with the dates of 1920 over 1918, all serial numbers match, the unit marking is as follows:


There is no weapon number just what I have listed. Sorry no pictures. Any ideas on what unit this could be? 









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Hi Gene!

If with a 1920 (Weimar) date might it be a police marking?

L. T. might be Landjaegerei Trier (Trier, Rural Police) see here


Edit - and 100 would be the weapon number I would assume.


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Yes this should be correct unit deciphering probably, should be looked for other special police safeties on that weapon.

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Just for the record, the 1920 stamp indicates its registration for army stocks that year.  The official order for these Waffenstempel for weapons with Landjaegerei units and so the stamp on this one was issued 1 April(!) 1922, so that's the earliest date it certainly became a 'police' weapon.

It would be nice to see a photograph of the stamp!


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The 1920 stamp on the Pistol 08, according to the original specifications, should be on the 'hülsenkopf - oben: mitte', so the middle top of the sleeve head, but on the C96 it was on the forward left side of the 'Verschlussgehäuse', the breech housing.

The original specifications for the police stamp, as issued in 1922, don't say where the stamp should be on the C.08, but it appears on the front part of the handle frame, and say nothing about the C.96.

Others should be able to explain (and illustrate?) better - I just do documents!


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