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Camp Custer, training camp


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Hi there!

I just wanted to share my scanned image of a nice panoramic photo of soldiers at Camp Custer (located near Battle Creek, Michigan), Co. A 339th Infantry, dated Nov. 1917.  I am not sure where I could put this.  There are no upload links in the gallery, and I'm not wanting to sell the photo.  I read the rules which seem to prohibit links (though the object site is not commercial), so if you are interested you may find the image at archive.org under the title, "WW1 panorama photo of soldiers in training camp."  Having briefly glossed over this site, it appears to be focused more toward the UK side (which is perfectly fine), so you may not have an interest anyway.  I don't know of other forums focused on The Great War.  I hope you will understand that a major part of my joy in collecting old photos is to scan and share them.  The photo is in the public domain at least in the U.S., and I took artistic liberty to claim Creative Commons rights to my scan and digital processing.  A CC license allows people to download it, but I restricted commercial use.  File size is about 10M - maybe over your limit, so I uploaded a very small copy below.

take care,

- Perry


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Nice pic! I have picked up a number of "yardlongs" over the years - several from Illinois (Rockford) and one really huge framed one of IL units deployed to Texas in 1916. 

I find them quite difficult to scan/photograph effectively, one means I tried (a sort of low budget Ken Burns approach) was to video the pictures by panning left to right. I have one of these saved somewhere I will see if I can post it.

There are lots of us on here who enjoy viewing period photos. Interestingly  there aren't that many threads dedicated to US themed pics so perhaps you could start one -- a number of people would likely join in!

Welcome to the forum!


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Thanks!  I scan these long photos and then use an open source program "Hugins" to automatically stitch them together.  I have also manually done so with another open source program "Gimp."

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I take it that the photograph is of soldiers training at Camp Custer rather than semi-resident staff. I am still researching WW1 serving female casualties some of whom passed through Camp Custer and four of whom died there.

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