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Remembered Today:

Cobh Old Church Cemetery, Ireland

Jude Gibson

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Hi folks, Jude here. I  visited Cobh Old Church Cemetery last week formerly known as Queenstown. Some of you might find interesting, the range of commemorations with a military angle that it contains.

Three mass graves where victims of the Lusitania sinking on 7/5/1915 are buried. Sank by German U boat.

There are over 120 ‘standard’ Commonwealth graves, one of which is a VC recipient, Frederick Parslow, the first merchant  navy person to receive this honour. As Master of the Anglo-Californian and was transporting nearly 1000 horses across the Atlantic when attacked by U boat The ship finally escaped to reach Cobh but the Master had been killed by shellfire.

There ae other important sites, such as the plot dedicated to those who died on HMS Mars on 14/4/1902 due to a gunnery accident, see photo.

By chance, I found a plaque dedicated to those who died aboard submarine A5 on 10/2/1905 in an explosion, link provide a wealth of information. Images are low res







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It's an amazing place. I was there a good number of years ago now - my wife comes from a village on the other side of the harbour.

The library in the town has a complete list of Lusitania casualties for anyone who wants to consult it, and there is a memorial outside.

There is even the grave of a well known -at least in Ireland- boxer.

The Belgian records say that at least one Belgian soldier is buried there, but I was unable to find it or them, and the Cork Branch of the WFA has had no more luck as far as I know.

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