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January - February - March 1918. I am looking for all documents, information on the passage of British soldiers in Guivr

Gada de Guivry

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We know that British soldiers passed through our town but we are looking for photos, testimonies, documents of this passage from January to March 1918 in our villages of Guivry and Les Hézettes.

We know from the village teacher at the end of the war that the reception given to the British by the population was quite cold, the English language being a problem for communication with our rural inhabitants.

We still hope that during your research you have found the names of our villages.

Thanks for your help.

Gada de Guivry






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Hello Gada,

Captain Christopher Manners Williams, 66 Brigade, Royal Garrison Artillery, was killed in action at Guivry on the 24th March 1918 while directing the retreat of his men. The War Diary for the unit can be found at WO 95/395/2 which mentions his death. I have attached the relevant page.

There is also an article at Winchester College relating to the officer https://www.winchestercollegeatwar.com/RollofHonour.aspx?RecID=497&TableName=ta_wwifactfile



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Thank you so much Gunner 87,
We were aware of the death of Captain Manners but we continue to search for documents relating to him.
With the information currently available we know of only one British soldier who would have died on our territory of Guivry - Les Hézettes during the Great War.

Gada de Guivry

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On 14/03/2023 at 13:20, Gada de Guivry said:

we continue to search for documents relating to him

I wondered if the officers full service record held at the National Archives would be of interest to you. Though not available for download a copy can be requested at this link https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C1119707

I have also attached the Captain's Medal Index Card and Medal Roll listing the Victory Medal and British War Medal should you not already have them. Both courtesy of Ancestry. 



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This article from the 'Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer' 15th April 1918 relates to Captain Williams death. 



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Hello Gunner 87,

Thank you for these documents that we did not know.

Captain Christopher Manners Williams comes to life with all this information.

On the territory of the village of Guivry, during the Great War, as far as we currently know, 40 soldiers lost their lives there. 1 British (Captain C.M. Williams), 7 Germans and 32 French. We work in memory of these men who came to die with us, whatever their nationality.

Thanks again Gunner !

Gada de Guivry




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