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Battles to NW of Arras 1918

Rod b

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I am presently in the process of publishing my uncles memoirs of his time fighting in WW1in 1917/18. He joined the 41st training reserve battalion ( Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders) then trained  as a Sound Ranger but got transferred to the Seaforths 2nd battalion in early 1918 as he was needed up in the front line. His memoirs are very much in detail about his daily life and experiences in the front line and also in reserve right up to the armistice . He survived the war and lived to well in his seventies. 

The reason for my post is to try and find out more about the general fighting that went on in the battles to the NW of Arras in 1918. My uncle mentioned many places where he was fighting . mostly around Robecq , such as Bernenchon, Riez-du-Vinage , and La Valee. I have looked up a Trench Maps for that area (Vieille Chapelle 1918) which enabled me to find detailed places he  mentions such as Deuce Creme Farm on the La Basee  canal where he has to transport supplies to the front line . I wonder if any members can point me to any pieces of information that could give me a greater understanding of what  the fighting in this particular area was like in the spring 1918.

I have just joined this forum  and am very much at the beginning of my understanding of the fighting on the Western Front so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Welcome to the forum. I would recommend the Battle Ground Europe book by forum founder Chris Baker. It’s an area I’m starting to get to grips with myself, and have found these books of value. These books cover the Lys battles  of April 1918. 


Plus his book 


The relevant war diaries for 2nd Seaforth Highlanders are available for free download after free registration here


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Rod, welcome.

You can get a large number of trench maps and other types of map from TrenchMapper. Put Riez-du-Vinage in Advanced Search and it will take you to the right area.

Then select maps in the lower left panel. Official History maps are at the bottom of the list (some may need a change of zoom to see)

There are a lot of tools available, the Help system has a set of very short videos to guide you along with text based help. You can also got to Street View straight off a Great War map.


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Thank you Michelle and Howard  for your suggestions for further information. It will certainly keep me busy!

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