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5th Royal Irish Lancers

Ciaran Byrne

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If anybody reqires information about this regiment then I may be able to help. From the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, Spanish Wars of Succession, Egypt, Sudan, The Boer War and World War One I have quite an extensive history. Also, any uniform queries I may be able to help too.

I must admit that I am still gathering informaiton on their World War One service but all their preceeding campaigns I have quite a lot of information.

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Hello Ciaran

Do you have any records on individual soldiers that were with the 5 Royal Irish Lancers during the Great War? Looking for information regarding my granddad James Henry Clark(e?) born in London 1893 and I believe he was a Private.

Always interested to read your posts and keen to know what you have planned for the war diaries? Will they be published?

Nick Clark

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Borden Battery

The 5th Royal Irish Lancers

This site attempts to tell the story of the oldest lancer regiment within the British Army. Ranging throughout it's turbulent history dating from 1689, temporary disbandment in 1799, reformation in 1858 and it's eventual disbandment in 1922. "The Redbreasts" or "The Daily Advertisers" as the 5th Royal Irish Lancers were known, went into battle with the motto of the Order of St Patrick "Quis Separabit" (Who Shall Separate?). Detailed site with lots of linkages to other Irish military units. [CEF Study Group - Jan 2006]


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