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Translation of German on POW Lists


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I'm looking at the prisoner lists for Friedrichsfeld and I have been able to translate most of the German on the form.  But there are 4 different dates and I am struggling to understand what they relate to. Can anyone help?

The first is 20 Mai 1918, stamped date in red at the top of each page.  It is consistent across all the pages for a data set but not unique to that set. I had initially assumed that this was the date admitted to the camp, but having seen the first page with its header and additional dates I suspect that this is the date the records were processed at a central office. https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/en/List/4741619/698/24352/

The other dates are:

  • abgesaudt vom Lag. am 21 April. 1918
  • eingegangen beim Kr.-Min. am 6.5.18 - received by Kr. Min. on 6/5/18
  • abgesandt vom Kr.-Min. (N.B.) am 15.5.18

I don't know what the Kr.-Min. means (the K matches the K in Krieg in the header so I am confident it is a K).

Google search gives me the following which I am guessing is likely to mean something like 'removed from camp':

  • "sucked out of camp on" for "abgesaudt vom Lager am"
  • "sucked out of lag on" for "abgesaudt vom Lag. am"
  • "sick of lag on" for "abgesaudt vom Lag am"

All the prisoners in this record set were captured on 9 Apr 1918, probably all at the Battle of the Lys. My G Grandad was shown as transferring from "Westliche Etappe" the Western Stage.

The next record for my G Grandad (Charles Burnand) is 26 Juin 1918 which is for Hameln Camp and he is transferring from Friedrichsfeld. https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/en/List/4741619/698/27849/

  • abgesaudt vom Lag. am 3 Juin 1918
  • eingegangen beim Kr.-Min. am 6.6.18 
  • abgesandt vom Kr.-Min. (N.B.) am 15.6.18

 And the final one is 17 Juil 1918 for Soltau camp: https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/en/List/4741619/698/29491/

  • abgesaudt vom Lag. am 24 Juin 1918
  • eingegangen beim Kr.-Min. am 26.6.18 
  • abgesandt vom Kr.-Min. (N.B.) am 6.7.18

 Can anyone tell me what those dates represent for those soldiers?  I would have expected the last date on one record to match the first on the next, with perhaps the gap between 1st and 2nd dates on each record being transit time and the gap between 2nd and 3rd being time spent at the camp.

If the last record is for Soltau, would that mean that was his final destination and that he stayed there for the rest of the war?  (He returned to England in Jan 1918.)

Many thanks

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The red date stamp is the date the list was received by the Red Cross

Abgesandt vom Lager am ……. - the date the list was sent to the Ministry of War from the camp

Eingegangen beim Kriegsministerium am ……— the date the list was received at the Ministry of War

Abgesandt vom Kriegsministerium  (Nachweis Bureau)  am ……… -  the date the list was forwarded from the Ministry of War ( Verification Office) to the Red Cross.


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So all those dates and none of them tell you when the prisoner arrived or departed?!  So much for German efficiency 

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 Some lists do record the arrival date, but not in this case. The records sent by the British are no better. The lack of dates are annoying for research purposes but were hardly a priority 100 + years ago.


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Thanks for the help Charlie 👍 

Do you think it is logical that if I find the previous batch of records for that camp then the prisoners must have arrived between the dates the two batches of lists were sent from the camp?

PS I feel daft not to have twigged that Kr Min was short for Kriegsministirium when it was sat there on the form ***

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9 hours ago, fumblina said:

I feel daft

Woods and trees, which happens to us all.:)

I realise every piece of the jigsaw is very important but I think that looking for the previous list could be very, very, time consuming and for little or no gain. 
The list from Friedrichsfeld does have a number - 54A, so does Soltau - 5072, they are the lists to which you need to find the previous ones. So far so good but what was the number of the list previous to 54A - 54 or 53A or 53B or 53Z ?

Imagine the following scenario:

500 PoWs arrive at the camp on the 19th of a month, on the 24th the typist gets round to typing the list, by the end of the day he has managed to type a list containing only 300 names, the list is then sent off with the days post. The next day or the day after he types a list containing the other 200 names. 
Sorry to be negative about it but if you do decide to look for the lists I would be very interested in the conclusion you come to.

It is also quite possible that he was only registered at Friedrichsfeld and was never actually there. 




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