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Trench Names and Locations, Bois-Grenier


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Wow! You have done an insane amount of research and have clearly been at this a while! You are always more than welcome to to elaborate and go on tangents as I find it all VERY fascinating. I guess studying the area prior to July 1916 would put it in its broader context and add to the overall story of how it got to the place it did and the importance of the battles in and around this time, and afterward as well. I feel like getting into this is like the very top dry layer of the onion!!


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I have just noticed this in the 1915 WD of 15 Field Company RE of 8 Div.

TNA WO 95/1698.

Similar to the 8 Div map on TLLT.



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Wow nice one!!! Thanks for sharing that Brian! I do believe as you say that the area is worthy of much more study and discovery to broaden the scope of my understanding in relation to be people I'm researching. There was a lot of movement, not so much on the front itself but with the common soldier and so much crossover between different soldiers from all sides of the Allied forces. I'm sure that there are details that relate to Sidney or William that are found in other WD from the other Allies in the area. Such incredible resources we have at our fingertips in these maps, WD, etc. and the people that can help others!

Thanks again and I'm always open for any extra nuggets in my searching!


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