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Hello all,

I have been trying to piece together the route of my grandfather (Asa Kent R/1537) back to the UK after he was wounded - I know he was in 2 Can General Hospital ,but , in his record below there are a number of reference numbers ie Ha/18067 , hb/9700 , r0(c/1440) I dont know how to find more info using the reference numbers so can anyone enlighten me as to what the refs are please and any pointers into getting more details etc 



Many thanks again


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21 hours ago, Neilo19 said:

Ha/18067 , hb/9700 , r0(c/1440)

The contents of these reports to the RND Record Office are almost certainly reproduced in full on this RND Record Card, so there will be little or nothing to add by finding the original reports.

Wounded with Nelson Bn in the battle on Welsh Ridge on 30 December 1917;  Admitted No.2 Canadian General Hospital, Le Treport on 1 Jamuary 1918 with a mild bullet wound in the upper arm; Invalided [to UK] with bullet wound in the right upper arm on 2 January 1918; and admitted to the Royal Hospital, Richmond, on 4 January. The record has no details of his move from BEF to UK - probably via Boulogne-Folkestone.

His record then shows that  after treatment at Richmond, he was sent on leave 14-25 February before being drafted to the RND Command Depot at Blandford Camp, Dorset (essentially a convalescent camp alongside the RND reserve battalions).

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HA18067 will be a list of Sick/Wounded men sent from France to the UK for the various records offices to update their records and inform next of kin. It would also be used in helping the records offices create a list for the official Casualty Lists which were published and would then entitle the man to wear a wound stripe.

HB9700 is a similar list but these are for admissions to UK hospitals.

C/1440 is another type of Casualty list and seems in this case to slightly pre-date the HA18067 list.

There is an ongoing topic relating to these list which is being indexed as the topic grows, to date the lists above have not shown up.

Some examples if you want to see the format, C lists are a bit rarer and there are only 95 in the topic.


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His movements to the rear between 30 Dceember and 1 January are not recorded but, based on the known movements of other Nelson Bn casualties, it is likely that he went first to 149th Field Ambulance (Royal Marines Medical Unit of the RND) and then via either 21st or 48th Casualty Clearing Station. Both CCS were based in the vicinity of Ytres and Etricourt, about 7 miles to the rear of the front line. 

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