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poona guard

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13 hours ago, poona guard said:

Why is this officer not wearing the 11th Battalion cap badge?


He is, it’s the rope cord boss badge worn by the officers and senior warrant officers.  This was an insignia tradition of rifle regiments.  Almost all the rifles battalions within the London Regiment of WW1 had prior to 1908 been Volunteer Battalions of either, the King’s Royal Rifle Corps or the Rifle Brigade, which each favoured such badges.  KRRC with a red boss and RB with a dark green boss.  The London Regiments that had previously been affiliated continued to follow suit.

The Finsbury Rifles had been with the KRRC and so their boss, as seen in your photo, was red.  The other feature that they retained from the KRRC was ball shaped black buttons that, along with the rope boss, were favoured because the regiments had originally emulated the dress of light dragoons/hussars during the Napoleonic era (see bosses on shakos below).

In service dress these were dress idiosyncrasies of officers and senior warrant officers only.

See also: https://www.ukphotoarchive.org.uk/ww1-soldiers-group-photos/h83AD78A5









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2 hours ago, poona guard said:

Is this a London Scottish collar badge?


No, it appears to be the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders.  See silver badges below**. Not usually worn by the two regular battalions, or TF, but was by some of the war-raised battalions.  See uppermost photo below.

The OSD Bronze is that of London Scottish.  See lowermost photo with ‘T’ beneath.

**also worn by Canadian regiment of similar name.





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4 minutes ago, poona guard said:

Thanks. I thought it didn't look right but couldn't place it.

Of the highland regiments only the A&SH and Gordon’s officers consistently favoured the wearing of collar badges with service dress.  

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