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Remembered Today:

Deneys Reitz and the March German Offensive in "Trekking On"

Jonathan Saunders

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I know Deneys Reitz and his trilogy of autobiography has been discussed before but i am currently reading for the first time, Trekking On, (or volume 2) and no surprise that the man that wrote, what in my opinion is far and away the best first-hand account of the Boer War, has written a brilliant chapter of his experiences during the first week of the March German Offensive after which he received a Blighty.  My copy cost 99p on Amazon Kindle and all three volumes are available at the same price. I have now read the first two and they are so good that anyone that hasn't read them, really should add them to the top of the reading pile.  Trekking On covers his WW1 service in both West and East Africa before he volunteered for service in France, originally intending to serve in the ranks but ultimately serving as a 2 i/c.  I know we are all pressed for time when it comes to reading our piles of books but the March German Offensive chapter is worth the 99p alone and can be easily sneaked in to your reading agenda as a one-off!

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