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Gordon Highlanders Glengarry Red Badge Backing


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I am not convinced this is World War I (or possibly even military used) but I am sure with a wealth of knowledge on this forum there will be some answer or discussion about this badging.  I purchased this glen as it's always nice to have another, especially for Gordons, but I'm finding the felt badge backing completely new and unusual.  It's faded to a pale peach color but you can see the back was once more saturated and has faded around the badge.  I have not done anything to remove the badge and inspect yet.  It appears to be cut to contour the Gordons badge specifically.

Any thoughts?





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    It's not a Military Issued Glengarry, as it would not have that sort of labelling inside. It is very likely that it has either been used by a Pipe Band or it is also possible that a Veteran bought it for wear at reunions/Remembrance parades etc. Although, this might be less likely as I am not aware of the Gordon's wearing a red patch behind their badge on any headdress, so I think Pipe Band use is more likely.
    One other thing springs to mind. Over the years I have seen lots of frame mounted cap badge collections, and often these badges are individually mounted on shaped bits of red or scarlet cloth. This can look very impressive in a frame as it make the badge stand out, depending on the backing colour of the board that they are mounted on. So it might be possible that someone had a Glengarry and a Gordon's badge from as similar collection and married the two together.

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I agree that it’s an affectation by a past owner.  It’s not (or more accurately wasn’t) normal in the Gordon Highlanders to wear a red patch behind the cap badge. Whoever it was has even used pinking shears to give the edge of the patch a stylised serrated edging.  It’s the sort of glengarry that might’ve been worn by an old comrade on Remembrance Sunday’s after he left the Army.

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All genuine WWI issue Gordons Glengarries I have seen, perhaps 5 or 6,  have had leather banding around the bottom rather then silk. The general opinion seems to be that some officers' Glengarries might have silk but I agree with the above comments.


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