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Army Order 266 of 1919 & Army Order 301 of 1919


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Note to my self
Army Order 266 of 1919 & Army Order 301 of 1919, in respect of the British War Medal and Victory Medal respectively, have been copied and were added to a thread on the GWF in September 2010.

For information, here is a link to similar content, in respect of the 1914-15 Star, that has been posted for reference purposes, as opposed to the purpose of a debate.



On 14/09/2010 at 11:08, themonsstar said:

Here are the following orders from Army Orders for the issue of the British War Medal & Victory Medal; the BWM was published as an Army Order 16th July 1919 (published in A.O.266/Aug 1919. The VM was published as an A.O.301/Aug 1919 published 30th Aug 1919.....

post-7206-090379700 1284458722.jpg

post-7206-085782500 1284458749.jpg

post-7206-036055900 1284458820.jpg

post-7206-028074900 1284458927.jpg


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