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Current fuel shortages in France


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4 hours ago, slick63 said:

Has anyone got an update on the fuel situation please ? Was planning a long weekend in France but having second thoughts at the moment....

Paging @Nigel Marshall If you're available, can you give any insights into the situation in Brittany? :)

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I was in Brittany for a few days up to 17th October. 
There was nowhere that I saw that was completely out of fuel.
The first day I was there, the pump was limited to delivering 30 litres.
Subsequently the pump limit was lifted, but an advisory note was taped to the pump asking people to only take 30 Litres, but the pump would continue to operate.
There seemed to be an easing of the shortages during the week.
It seemed that the worst shortages were in the northern Departments, and near to the Belgian border.
Out west, it wasn't too bad.




Edit: The map at the end of this link may be helpful, and not just for Brittany.
LIVE MAP. Fuel shortage: gasoline, diesel, gas stations open in your area (francetvinfo.fr)


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Thank you for replying, Nigel. I hope it helps @slick63 to decide what to do for a holiday. :)


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