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Cost of petrol here


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Apropos the euro, I was talking to someone a few days ago who was bemoanin ght fact that the provider of some service (I forget what) had been forced to change from charging a nice round 10 francs requiring just one coin to charging 1 euro 90 which requires at least 4 coins. He wanted to know who was the idiot who had persuaded him not to charge 2 euros; so much simpler. There was no other rationale than keeping down the rate of inflation.

You can't win!

I saw not long ago that the average petrol consumptionof cars in Europe is 6.5 litres per 100 km. In the USA it is 13 litres per km.

Oh, and if you draw a line in the North Sea following the UN International Agreement on Frontiers at Sea, you will find that whilst most North Sea oil is nearer to Scotland it is actually in English territorial waters.

I'm now paying 80.6 cents for a litre of diesel. Petrol is around 95 cents, I think (don't use it myself). I had to pay 1 euro 6 cents on the French motorways on Monday.

I thought that some of the North sea oil fields were actually in Norwegian waters and read somewhere once that they could even be sharing the same wells in one place.

AS for tax on fuel the Americans and other countries have never been so stupid as to base the revenue to run their country on oil, something i believe the Central bank has even warned Mr Brown against which is why Britain has the most expensive fuel in the world??

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