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Gertrude Eileen JONES. Nursing Sister QAIMN(Special Reserve) 2 Reserve/J548 on Hospital Ship, Salta.  
Born 27 July 1882 at Bishop Middleton, County Durham.  1911 visiting the home of Mrs Chadfield of 11 Frederick Street, Grays Inn Road W C, occupation aged 25, sick nurse.
Drowned on the sinking of H.M Hospital Ship, Salta 10 April 1917 aged 31 as the result of a mine explosion, half a mile North of Whistle Buoy, Le Havre, France   Her sister Miss Annie Jones was granted a gratuity 13 April 1918 revised 23 January 1920.  
Service medals issued 29 March 1923.
At rest in Ste. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, Seine-Maritime France, 
Notes from her service record.
She signed a form accepting to serve at home or abroad as a Nurse to His Majesty’s Forces dated 22 March 1915. Edinburgh. She was paid from 10 May 1915 to her death
She resided at 116 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, formerly of Sardinia Terrace, Glasgow.
Trained at Fever Hospital, Wallsend North Tyneside from September 1901 to September 1903 and Royal Infirmary Halifax, December 1903 -December 1906.
7 April 1917 post to Hospital Ship from Hospital Ship Letitia. Drowned on the sinking of H.M Hospital Ship, Salta 10 April 1917 aged 31 as the result of a mine explosion, half a mile North of Whistle Buoy, Le Havre, France  

Wills and Admin.
Gertrude Eileen JONES of 116 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, spinster is believed to have died 10 April 1917 at sea. Confirmation of Annie Jones spinster London 12 March 1918.


Image courtesy of IWM

Gertrude Eileen Jones..jpg

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Hannah Dunlop MARK. Assistant nurse TFNS. 
Baptised 15 December 1895 at St Mary’s church, Nolton, Glamorgan, parents to Alexander and Sarah Jane Mark, of 13 Australian Terrace, Glamorgan. Welsh 1901 census. Still residing with parents and siblings at same address.  Welsh 1911, with parents and siblings at "Garnock," Acland Road, Bridgend.   Died at No 1 Western General Hospital, Fazakerley, Liverpool from pneumonia following Spanish flue pandemic 10 October 1918 aged 23.  Her father was granted a gratuity 12 June 1919 revised 11 September 1919. At rest in Bridgend Cemetery, Glamorganshire.  
No service record.

Commemorated on the Scottish Nurses Memorial at St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh.


Image courtesy of IWM.

Hannah Dunlop MARK.jpg

Hannah Elizabeth WRIGHT.  Staff Nurse 2 Reserve/W1147 QAIMNSR. 43 Ambulance Train.
Born 01 November 1877, to John James and Emma Wright, of Newcastle-on-Tyne Northumberland. 1881 she was residing with her aunt Laura Morrison at 5 Forth Street, Newcastle on Tyne aged 4 years. 1891 with parents and siblings at 11 Oaks Place, Westgate Northumberland, occupation aged 14, dressmaker. 
1901 with her parents and siblings at 324 Westgate Road, Westgate Northumberland, occupation aged 24, dressmaker. 1918 her parents were residing at No 3 Gloucester Road, Newcastle on Tyne.
Died of broncho pneumonia following influenza 22 October 1918 aged 41.  At rest in Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Italy
Service medals issued 28 March 1923 
Wills and Admin
Hannah Elizabeth WRIGHT of 3 Gloucester Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, spinster died 22 October 1918 at Genoa Italy. Probate Newcastle-upon-Tyne 28 May 1919 to her brother John James Menham Wright, tailor. Effects £200 9s 10d.
Notes from her service record 
Trained at General Hospital Birmingham from December 1909 to January 1914
Joined 20 April 1916 and mobilised for duty 22 April 1916
She embarked England for France 30 August 1917, disembarking the same day.
02 September 1917 posted for duty to No 4 General Hospital, France then posted 31 January 1918 to No 10 Stationary Hospital, 12 March 1918 to No 54 Casuality Clearing Station, 24 March 1918 to 33 Casuality Clearing Station. 
12 April 1918 posted to 39 Stationary Hospital and 28 April 1918 back to 54 Casuality Clearing Station. The 09 May 1918 she was admitted into No 10 Stationary Hospital. On the 12 May 1918 she was transferred for duty at No 14 General Hospital. June 1918, she attached for duty with 43 Ambulance Train, leaving Rouen 23 June 1918 for duty in Italy the following day. The 20 October 1918 she was admitted into No 11 General Hospital, Genoa, Italy suffering from influenza (Spanish Flue) and passed away the 22nd at 06.45pm of broncho pneumonia following influenza aged 41

Record on line at National Archives. WO399-9272. Download for free.

Hannah Elizabeth Wright..jpg

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Alice WELFORD. Nursing Sister 2nd Reserve W344 QAIMNSR attached to 65th British General Hospital, Iraq. Born 1887 at Crathorne to James and Mary Welford of Crathorne Yarm, Yorkshire.  1911 Hospital nurse at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, West Smithfield, London EC. Died 15 January 1918 aged 30. The cause of her death was a fractured skull and suffocated by submersion when the launch she and other nurses were on after disembarked at Basra en route to Beit Naama on the river Tigris collided with a Steam Tug shortly after sunset. 
 She was laid to rest in Makina Cemetery Block 1, Line G, Grave 13. Now at rest in Basra War Cemetery, Iraq.

Notes from her service record downloaded free from National Archives. 

Enlisted June 1915 Served as Acting Sister in St Ignatius Military Hospital (former Protestant College and School) 30 October 1915 informed of her next posting British Military Hospital (B.M.H.) Gibraltar. Joined June 1915. She was posted 65th General Hospital Malta on the 26 February 1916.
The 65th were mobilized from in Malta 5 July 1917, for service at 48th General Hospital Salonica disembarking 16 July 1917. She also on duty in No 65 and 28 General Hospitals all in Salonika. Embarked for Egypt 11 December 1917 with 65th on S.S. Minuctonka  attached to No 3 British General Hospital Basra, disembarked at Basra 8 January 1918 (When she embarked for Egypt and disembarked at Bandra Basra she was on two ships.  No record showing where she and the other nursing staff disembarked in Egypt).  
The ship on which they travelled to Iraq anchored off shore near Basra.  She and the other nurses disembarked into separate launches. The launch in which she and other nurses were passengers en route to Beit Naama on the river Tigris collided with a Steam Tug shortly after sunset on the 15 January 1918 Total of four lost their lives.  She was laid to rest in Makina Cemetery Block 1, Line G, Grave 13. Now at  rest in Basra War Cemetery, Iraq. 
The other nurses were.
Sister Fanny Tindall. She received a fractured skull and suffocated by submersion.
Sister Florence O’Doyle Compton, drowned.
Temporary Nurse Florence May Faithful, V.A.D. drowned

Court of Enquiry into her death at 3rd British General Hospital 19 January 1918, by order of Officer Commanding (O.C.) 65th British General Hospital.
Investigation how sister Welford became ‘missing’ in a motor launch accident 15 January 1918
President Major J A Bennett R.A.M.C.
Brief notes.

1st WITNESS. Matron in Chief, Miss Beatrice Jones, states the O.C. of Beit Naama Officers Hospital invited through Matron in Chief Jones, the O.C. 65 British General Hospital, Matron and thirteen of the female nursing staff of 65 B.G.H. to spend the afternoon of the 5th with him at his hospital. Only twelve members of the female nursing staff (in addition of the Matron Miss A. M. Hall actually went into the launch to Beit Namma.

QUESTION Was the female nursing staff detailed of ordered to proceed in the launch to Beit Naama?

ANSWERE. The Matron Miss A. M. Hall of 65 B.G.H. gave twelve names to Matron in Chief Jones of whom six were from No 3 B.G.H. and six from No 40 B.G.H. I ( Matron in Chief Jones) gave these twelve ladies an order through the Matron of the respective hospitals to be at the Launch Convoy pier at 3.30pm. There were also twelve female nursing staff of 65 B.G.H. ordered to proceed in the launches to Beit Naama. They were detailed by name.
Signed Beatrice Jones

2nd WITNESS. Matron, Miss Frances M Hall of 65th BGH.
I was invited together with the O.C. 65th B.G.H. to spend the afternoon of the 15th inst at Beit Naama to bring with me Miss Austin E. and eleven other members of the female nursing staff of 65th B.G.H. Included in these members were the three marginally named ladies.

QUESTION. Were these twelve members of the female nursing staff of 65th B.G.H. ordered to proceed in the launches to Beit Naama?

ANSWERE. Yes, they were detailed by name.
Signed Frances M Hall

3rd WITNESS. Lieutenant Colonel E.W. Skinner, R.A.M.C. 
States; On Monday 14th inst Miss F.M. Hall told be had been asked to convey to me and invitation from the C.O. Beit Naama to visit his convalescent hospital 15th inst and that I could go with her and some of the female nursing staff under these circumstances. I proceeded to Beit Namma with the party and was present when the when the accident occurred on our return journey.
Signed Ernest W Skinner Lt Col R.A.M.C.

On consideration of the evidence, I am of opinion that the three marginally named members of the Nursing Staff of the 65th B.G.H. were on duty at the time of the accident and were not to blame.
Signed Ernest W Skinner Lt Col R.A.M.C., O.C.  No 65 B.G.H.


Image courtesy of IWM 

Alice WELFORD.jpg

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Edith Mary CAMMACK. Staff Nurse, Royal Red Cross Medal, TFNS of 4th Southern General Hospital, Plymouth.  Born 18 August 1875 at Spalding Lincolnshire.  
1881 residing with her parents and siblings at 13 Pinchbeck Street, Spalding, Lincolnshire.  1911 residing at 1 Wantage Road, Wallingford, Berkshire.  Occupation, Temporary Assistant Nurse, Wallingford Union Workhouse, Wallingford, Berkshire.  
Died from the effects of dysentry 1 March 1918 at 07-35pm at 4th Southern General Hospital, Plymouth. The 16 December 1918 a gratuity was granted to The Matron of 4th Southern General Hospital.
At rest in SS John the Baptist and Ann Churchyard, Knowles, Warwickshire.
Her service medals were issued 23 June 1923.
Awarded (ARRC) Associate Royal Red Cross

Notes from her Service Record
Enlisted 8 December 1914. Served at 4th Southern General Hospital, Plymouth from 12 August 1914, transferred to 1st Southern General Hospital Birmingham 12 July 1915 from which she posted to 30 Stationary Hospital, Salonika from July 1916 to 1 October 1917. 
Her postings and admission into hospital.
24 July 1916 embarked Southampton for Salonika Greece, disembarking at Salonika 5 August 1916, joined 30 Stationary Hospital, Karaissi 
30 September 1916 admitted as a patient suffering with dysentry. 
3 October 1916 transferred to 43rd General Hospital, Karaissi. she was then transferred 15 October 1916 to Malta on Hospital Ship, Wandilla disembarking Malta 23rd.
27 December 1916 she embarked for duty from Malta to Salonika disembarking 30th  and re-joined 30th Stationary Hospital .
28 August 1917 she was admitted to Convalescent Camp, Salonika suffering with Malaria
20 September 1917 admitted to 43rd Gen Hospital with enteritis. 22 September 1917 reported seriously ill with fibrosis.
3 October 1917 invalided to Malta of HMHS Formosa disembarking 23 suffering from dysentry. She was transferred from the ship to Villino Postelli, Sliema, Malta
November. 12 November 1917 aged 38 invalided to England of HMHS Braemar Castle admitted into Queen Alexandra Hospital, Millbank. 71, Vincent Square, London. 

Medical Board held at this hospital 4 December 1917. Disability, Malaria. Staff Nurse E.M. CAMMACK.
The Board having assembled pursuant to order and having read the instructions on the back of the form, proceed to examine the above-named officer and find that: - She went to Salonika July 16 and had dysentry on October 1916. Off duty for ten weeks and two months pf which spent in Malta again sick. August 17 with malaria and stated to have had again Bacill Dusentry at the same time. Invalided home. Arrived Malta 2 November and had a relapse of malaria there. Admitted hers 22 November.
PRESCENT CONDITION. Convalescent but debilitated to take prophylactic quinine. Recommended four weeks leave. 
She was examined by the Medical Board 6 January 1918 and was passed fit for Home Service. She had to report to 4th (Ford Section) 4th Southern General Hospital 17 January 1918. She continued to have dysentry from the day she joined the hospital but did not say anything about it. 

Medical Case Sheet at Plymouth 1918. Disease, Malaria, Malignant Jaundice.

26 February 1918. Taken ill this morning with a rigor lasting 20 minutes and server abdominal pain, vomited once slightly. Bowels acted three time with a good deal of haemorrhage, slightly jaundiced. Hot application to abdomen and hypodermic injection of morphia, quarter of a grain. No food except 6 pm, temp 103, pulse 106.
27th Jaundice much more pronounced, no further haemorrhage. Bowels acted twice, motion soft but otherwise natural, rather loose. Temp 101 Pulse 112, nausea, aching and thirsty.
28th Jaundice very much pronounced, nausea, bowels acted five times in twenty four hours, slight general tremors, slight suppression of urine, abdomen rather tympanitic on percussion
1st March. Seen at 8-30am semi-comatose and very much weaker. Temp 97, Pulse 96. Still suppression of urine. Seen with Lt Col Fox at 10.am on consultation. Food when given by mouth is not swallowed. Last motion 5 pm yesterday (31st February) mucus only. Catheter passed 10 am, 5 oz withdrawn quite black in colour, became collapsed and died at 07.35 pm.  
Signed C.F. Glinn Captain RAMC.T. 

Awarded (ARRC) Associate Royal Red Cross
At rest in SS John the Baptist and Ann Churchyard, Knowles, Warwickshire.

Image courtesy of IWM.

Edith Mary CAMMACK.jpg

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Nurses Memorial in St Asaph Cathedral. Denbighshire, North Wales.

To the glory of God
And in memory of the Welsh Nurses
Attached to the Q.A.I.M.N.S.Res and T.F.N.S.
Who fell in the War 1914 – 19

Jane ROBERTS. Staff Nurse 2 Reserve/R795. QAIMNSR.  Born 1887 to William and Margaret Jane Roberts of Brynrodyn Towyn, Gwynedd, North Wales.  Drowned 10 April 1917 aged 30 on Hospital Ship, Salta sunk by a German mine of Le Harve. Her body was never recovered. 
Her service medals issued 21 April 1923
Commemorated on the Salta Memorial, Ste, Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, France. She is also commemorated on a plaque in York Minster, St Asaph Cathedral and Tywyn Church
Joined 21 October 1916. Posted to Hospital Train in Egypt. 6 April 1917 posted Hospital Ship Salta.  Drowned 10 April 1917 aged 30 on Hospital Ship, Salta sunk by a German mine of Le Harve. Her body was never recovered.

Margaret Dorothy ROBERTS. Staff Nurse R853, QAIMNSR, attached to H.M.S. Osmanieh.  
Born 1870 in Dolgellau, Merionthshire Union Work House to Laura, single woman. Emigrated to Australia and returned, find this
Killed 31 December 1917 aged 47. when HMS Osmanieh with troops and medical personnel, was sunk by a mine from the German submarine UC34 (Horst Obermüller), at the entrance to the Alexandria Harbour. 198 persons were lost, including the Captain. Her body was recovered and laid to rest in Hadra War Memorial Cemetery, Alexandria, Egypt.

Margaret Evans THOMAS. Staff Nurse TFNS attached to 1st London General Hospital.   
Died of pneumonia 8 November 1918 aged 28.  Her aunt, Mrs Elizabeth Summers was granted a gratuity 26 February 1920. 
At rest in Pwllheli Borough Cemetery, Caernarvonshire.

Helena May ROWLANDS Nurse TFNS 
Born 1893 in Llangefni, Anglesey to Mrs Ann Ellin Rowlands, of Bod Gwynant, Abergele. Died 10 May 1919 aged 26 of scarlet fever in a Liverpool Hospital, England.  At rest in Abergele Cemetery, Denbighshire

This Tablet is erected by members of the Military Nursing Services


To be updated

Military Nursing Services (WW1).JPG

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Your posts are very interesting. With regards to Hannah Dunlop MACK, I was surprised to se her mentioned on the Scottish Nurses Memorial {as Hannah D. Mack, Assistant Nurse}. The title of Assistant Nurse was usually given to VAD's who had proved they were competent and experienced. It was a promotion, since VAD's were not trained nurses. Hannah went to Cardiff to train as a nurse in 1914. If she had completed her training she would not be described as a trained nurse. However, she may have not completed her training and became a VAD instead. She must have served in a Scottish hospital at some point in order to be on the memorial.


Alf McM

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