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Red Cross hospital in Dublin Castle

Michael Pegum

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There was a Red Cross hospital in Dublin Castle in WW I, and these are the consultant doctors attached to it. Somewhere out there is a copy of this card with the names written on the back – I know, because I saw it on eBay after it had been sold. If, by any chance, the owner is on this forum, could I please have a copy of the names? If anyone else can identify any of the faces, I would be glad to know. I showed the card to some elderly hospital doctors in Dublin, but none of them could identify a single one. As far as I know, it hasn’t been used in any book, either.


Staff of hospital, Dublin Castle.jpg

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I get an error message when I click on that link.

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With the best enhancement I can do, the only face I can be fairly sure of in both photos is "Dr. Pringle" - seventh from left in the back row in the Committee photo, and fifth from left in the Hospital Staff photo. The President of the College of Physicians may be sixth from the left in the front row of the staff photo.

Thanks for the book references - I'll have a look at them.


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