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Remembered Today:

Commemorative order 1914-1919


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I was trying to find some information about this order. I haven't found anything at all, not even a photo or image. 

I would appreciate it if you help me to get some info. 


Medal 1.png

Medal 2.png

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From the World War One Medals website:

Commonwealth Forces
Australia, Canada, New Zealand & South Africa
Sterling Silver Tribute Medal 1914-1919
Silver Medal with 4 Commonwealth Badges and reads To Commemorate your share in the Great War 1914-19
Marked Sterling Silver
Scarce Medal

Hope this helps.


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I don't think that this one is a silver one.  Probably struck in brass in quantity from the same die for the cheaper end of the market.

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Martin, Jim, thank you very much for the info.

I agree that the one I have is not a silver one.

But anyway now I have some idea where to dig for more information. 

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