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Another translation of a Medical war diary, please.


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Having more problems of handwriting in this diary of the ADMS of 3rd Division - 23 April 1915- day after gas attack at Ypres. Any help again warmly appreciated.


‘Wire from General Staff 12.30 am stating that some of our troops in trenches complaining of asphyxiating gas being used by enemy and asking if the ADMs can suggest any measures to combat this device. ADMS recommended that ? ? in the trenches be received by every (?) means in ? of troops. Heavy artillery all day NW of Ypres and Ypres itself.

‘Saw Gen Staff and recommended improvised respirators made of ? ? 9x5 inches with a pices of tape or string tied at each corner. The ? tissue(?) will provide 12 respirators. W (?) may not respirators in water and ? ? ? ?. Also pointed out that these improvised respirators ? be ? Belad-(?) café ( Not sure of the rest of this sentence) white patch from the enemy.’









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Hi David


 ....made of gauze tissue 9"x5"


Apologies - didn't let see this was already noted earlier by David

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