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1/4 Yorkshire Regiment in April 1918


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I wonder if someone can help please.

I am trying to locate the War Diary for 1/4 Yorkshire Regiment in April 1918. I am no expert but I am not a novice either at finding War Diaries, but in this case the closest I can get is February 1918. They do seem a bit jumbled!

I am doing some research for a relative whose Gt Grandfather suffered a gunshot wound around 12th April 1918. Luckily a pretty comprehensive service record exists for him but I do like to look a bit further and see what the Unit was actually doing on the date in question. I have no expectation of seeing his name mentioned (he was not an officer) but knowing exactly where they were and what action, if any in particular, does add to the chap's story. I am sure it was northern France (he was taken to 2 Austr. CCS which I believe was in the St Omer area although relocating at that time).

I don't expect anyone to do the work for me, if it is a case of plodding through many links and jumbled pages then that is what I shall do. But I wondered if anyone had already been down this path or had suggestions to narrow my searches.

Thank you!


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April 1918

11th At about 8am the enemy commenced his attack and about an hour later the troops on our left flank fell back and we were compelled to conform with this movement. During this withdrawal units became very much disorganised. Isolated groups of our men were collected and put into a line which was being taken up in L12a and L6c( 36A).

During the afternoon orders were received that the 150th Bgde was to assemble at the four crossroads West of DOULIEU and were to remain there until 1am the next morning but at about 4.30pm orders were received to report to Bgde Hqtrs at VIERHOUCK. Some of the party reached VIERHOUCK but the remainder took up a position on the road running through L7a and b where an attempt was made to rally the men who were retiring to NEUF BERQUIN. This party became isolated and at dusk withdrew and reported at Bgde Hqtrs which had removed to ARREWAGE. The night was spent in billets in the neighbourhood of ARREWAGE , CASUALTIES 2nd Lt CLIFFE W missing.

12th at 5am the party which was reinforced by another party of stragglers took up a line East of PT TOURNANT in L16c. The 2rd Btn Coldstream Guards were on our Left and a party of stragglers from 151st Bgde was on our Right .This line was held until almost 4pm when it was forced back in considerable disorder. The stragglers were collected and a very thin line was formed. No attack was made on this line. About 8pm the party was relieved by a Btn of another Division and marched to LA MOTTE AU BOIS where the night was spent in huts. CASUALTIES 2nd LT CLIDERO H A wounded

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25 minutes ago, RussT said:

That's brilliant, thanks Russ.

Now why didn't that turn up in any of my searches (including NA). I guess I didn't hit on the right word combination!

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15 minutes ago, EDWARD1 said:

April 1918


Thanks. Reading it now!

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