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Bunting flag ID


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I recently bought this bunting of 2 Entente members flags. Apart from some hard folds and some fading, they're in great shape. I've had difficulty identifying the one however with the lion holding what appears to be a tusk. I've seen a number of BSAC flags with the same design, but they all included the BSAC name. It may have just be too faded, but if anyone can provide any clarity I'd appreciate it.

Sorry for the poor display. It was for the photo only as it was difficult to fit in one shot on the string.




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Possibly Rhodesian Armed Forces: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rhodesian_Army_Flag.svg. You lion looks a bit tame though!


Addition: Actually, your BASC reference may be correct. According to this website: http://www.rhodesia.nl/sect1a.htm the flag was used alongside the Union Flag in Rhodesia until 1923.

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The Australian flag is interesting. Strictly speaking this is the flag for the period 1901-1908. The Federation Star under the Union Jack has 6 points, one for each of the colonies that joined together to form Australia at Federation. In 1908, this star was given 7 points, 6 for the former colonies and one for all of the Territories. 


In practice the original flag remained in limited use until after WW1 as various groups manufacturing/using the flag appear to not have updated to the new design



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