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Remembered Today:

Arthur George Downes Labour Corps 349944


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Just checking that no-one else is working on this one.

While collaborating with @Bardess on an off forum project looking for another Arthur Downes, a widows pension card popped up in relation to this man.


Image courtesy Fold3

His discharge records have survived. Found no longer physically fit for war service, he was discharged from the Labour Corps on the 30th August 1917. While on leave from Dover he had been admitted to Ipswich Hospital on the 5th August 1917, where T.B. Bacilli were found in his sputum.

His medical board on the 9th August 1917 gives this summary.


Image courtesy FindMyPast

A further medical board was convened on the 15th January 1918 where it was recorded that he was an inmate of Ipswich Sanatorium.

At the time of his discharge he was 30 years old.

The death of a 31 year old Arthur George Downes was recorded in the Ipswich District in the October to December quarter, (Q4), of 1918.

Not getting any matches for him at deceasedonline, findagrave, billiongraves or flickr. For now his final resting place is unknown.

Despite his unsavoury connections to the “auld enemy” I feel honour bound to put him forward for commemoration :poppy:


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You know the drill well - I guess a DC is to be required/is in the post/has been received.

Do please let us know how you get on with a) your submission, b) the outcome [though we won't be holding our breaths for CWGC as we know the timescale likely]

Patience is a virtue!


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Looks like a decent case. He's not on the IFCP list.

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3 hours ago, Matlock1418 said:

Do please let us know how you get on with a) your submission,

Working to a deadline on something else at the moment. While that project very satisfying as well as challenging, I have promised myself the reward of submitting the case of Arthur and kicking off a few others that I've got waiting in the wings when I've finished as an incentive. Yes, I know, I really should get out more :)

Unfortunately when it comes to supporting the case the doctors certification has been helpfully unhelpful.

Yes, cause of death is Tuberculosis of the Lungs.

But he is shown as an ex Private 3rd Buffs No. 10467. Fortunately the surviving discharge record does have that regimental service number crossed through in a couple of places.


Image courtesy FindMyPast.

The doctor also shows Arthur as suffering from the condition for 12 months - the discharge record shows contracted April 1917, discharged 30th August 1917. Pension Card and death certificate record that he died 12th November 1918.


So potentially a scenario, however unlikely, that he is already getting over TB at the time of discharge, within the next couple of months is given a clean bill of health, but then in November 1917 has a separate infection that has nothing to do with his time in the Army.

That isn't supported by the ongoing award of a Disability Pension and the subsequent award of a pension and grant to his widow., but it will depend how much weight the reviewing board give to the pension details.

I could bang this one out but I want to give some thought as to how to best present the case.


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