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Remembered Today:

British Tank captured and used by German Forces


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Hello all,

I’d like to share some private photos of tanks in WWI. 

I recently had the honor of have a looks at some artifacts and photos from a family collection that was collected by Lt. Herbert Mason Drost originally of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada and later the 4th Battalion Canadian Machine Gun Corps.  I was given permission to take some snapshots with my phone to share and sorry for the quality.  The great news is that the family will be having them all digitally scanned for the internet.  


Here are some photos of tanks arriving by train, a British tank which was captured and used by the Germans. Also, I found the Dummy German tanks (made of wood) to be fascinating.  Enjoy and I hope this starts some great discussions!








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This is one of two British Tanks used by the Germans and recaptured at Le Quesnoy. The other one was marked with the more standard German Crosses (as per the iron cross).

The other one may be the example on the train.

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