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Remembered Today:

Heinrich Ludwig Karl August William (Willy) Tischbein


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I am trying to find his WWI and later WWII service, bio's just mention his life but no Military service?

What I have so far is limited

Commander (Kraftwagenpark) Armee-Kraftwagen-Kolonne        (born 1871 Sarstedt near Hildesheim died 1946) German racing cyclist and industrial manager founding members of the Association of the Automotive Industry

The photo taken in WWII shows him well medaled that his few bio's do not show (thats if I am ID him correctly?)



Willy Tischbein CO MT units Turkey - Copy.jpg

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Here's a bit more info from https://de.metapedia.org/wiki/Tischbein,_Willy


He was director general of Continental AG (the tire company) and played a major role in the company's development. Because of this, he is a kind of public person and for this reason I would guess that Conti do not really want to make a big deal of his war service. Or they might simply see his war service as irrelevant to his work with the company.

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Yes I am getting the same by skipping the war years.

seams a German thing, but mostly during the Nazi period, not the Imperial period?

Ottomans records seam to show him as boss of the Transport Companies that operated in Turkey during the war.

But for how long and what he did is not mentioned.

I have been trying to chase down the major appointments in the Transport service in Turkey during the war but I found only one men (Willy) over the rank of Capt

Roëll Ernst Freiherr von     Capt (Maj)    6.ve 7. Ordularin tasit araçlari birlikleri komutani (Commander of vehicle troops of the 6th and 7th Armies) Commander Kraftfarhertruppen (MT Co)     1917-18    from ObLt Jäger-Regiment zu Pferde No 12 to Rittmeister Train of 26th Reserve korps 1915 (not identified)?

There must be some details on Willy's war service some where?


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