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Remembered Today:

I've got what I believe is a German (Butcher) Bayonet.

Sir Danky

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Hello all, new to the group and trying to find a little info on a Bayonet I came across. 

Any info on the regimental marks or the scabbard ball stamp would be greatly appreciated.  













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Nice S98/05nA, made blade blank by G.Hammesfahr, in 1918, fullended handle by Schubert und Salzer from Chemnitz, in 1920 stamped for gun law which means this weapon is registered to army or police, in that case S.S. schould be Schutzpolizei Schneidemuehl, the piece was blued in late 20 ies or ealry 30ies. Under this was probably other unit.

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There is assembly number of scabbard 13 could be on bayonet crossguard or on other places, between 1 and 3 is imperial inspector proof under crown. Most real this scabbard was not on the bayonet from beginn. You should compare the proof with the other proof on pommel over locking lug.

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What a nice piece! The Schubert & Salzer marked examples are rather uncommon - in fact quite rare.


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