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Advice appreciated on AVC MIC please!


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post-6656-1111764875.jpgAs a complete newbie to both this forum and military research I would be extremely grateful if someone could please advise me on how to interpret the attached MIC belonging to my husband's great-grandfather.

From this fantastic site I've learnt about the Army Veterinary Corps, but can't know yet how to track down which theatre of war was referred to as II.

I also wondered if anyone could please translate the note "(1743 KR) 8012/Odl"? after the comment "Returned" and wondered what happened to medals that were returned in such cases?

Many thanks and apologies if I've asked daft questions :unsure:


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Hi Wendy,

Theatre 2 was 'The Balkan Theatre' which included operations in:-

[a] Greek Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, from 5th October 1915, and

Gallipoli and islands of Aegean Sea from 25 April, 1915.

The King's Regulations 1912, Para 1743, [if this was the one used at the time of completing the microfiche states:-

Medals which, at the end of 10 years, still remain unclaimed, will be sent to the India Office [if granted for Indian service], or to the Deputy Director of Ordnance Stores, Royal Dockyard, [Medal Branch], Woolwich, [if granted for other service] to be broken up.

If this is the paragraph, then it looks like the medals were returned to Woolwich to be 'broken up'??


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