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German Postcard translation


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So far (with thanks to my friend and her friend in Germany)

His (leibel?) Korell. As a sign of the best comradeship H. Wangrein Frankfurt a. M. August 1918.


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^ Now I see "Kameradenschaft" as well!

Is the second word "liebl"   "My dear Korell" ?

I think the person writing this is H. Wangrin, not Wangrein?

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9 hours ago, wulsten said:

does the photo add anything

His rank,for example: Beamtenstellvertreter or Offizierstellverteter which made him a temporary Feldwebel equivalent with some authority and privileges only granted to officers, for the time of war. The photo is not clear enough to determine the difference. It is a photo taken between April and August 1918 as he wears the VWA in black (wound badge). He also got the IC 2nd class and two more, possibly non Prussian awards. As he writes from Frankfurt, maybe a Hessian one. He wears a Bluse M1915.


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This is Beamtenstellvertreter Helmut Wilhelm Wangrin (with a "i", not an "e"!), born 13/11/1889 in Kölzig and living in Bad Nauheim in 1920 when he married Auguste Marie Johanna Kraft. He died on 6/7/1970 in Gießen.


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Wow, can't believe  we have identified him  cannot thank you all enough,  do you know any regiments or units he may have belonged too, it makes you wonder how these pictures etc get so separated from families  though I suppose it's good that your knowledge keeps their memory alive, brilliant 

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