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Remembered Today:

Winifred Absalom, QMAAC "worker", grave at Hinton Waldrist, Oxfordshire - typo


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Today I visited Hinton Waldrist in Oxfordshire and spotted this war grave:


My eye was caught by the "rank" of "worker" and "Army Auxiliary Corps" and for a moment I was puzzled, until I saw "Queen Mary's" in the badge. But it would appear that there is a typo, with "O.M" instead of "Q.M".

Fortunately the local website gives Miss Absalom's history and a photo. Touching to see that she was given a funeral with full military honours.

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The CWGC should be able to remedy this quite easily. An email to them should set the ball rolling.

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I had visited the grave some years ago and my photograph shows the wiggly line that completes the Q. Looking at Moonraker's photograph there is the intimation of that wiggle (look closely) but I guess that it has become weatherworn. 


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Jim, thanks for vindicating the stonemason (or did a less-skilled worker do the inscriptions?)  I did peer closely and decided there was no tail to the Q, but, as you suggest, it may have fallen victim to the weather. There seems to be further damage elsewhere on the stone. Not that the Q in the badge looks particularly strong, though the apostrophe is coping better.

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