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Award of Victory Medal to New Zealanders?


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Can anyone come up with a figure for the number of Victory Medals awarded to New Zealanders after WW1? I'm looking at the numbers awarded to the Dominions, and have found figures for Australia, India and South Africa, but so far not for the Kiwis. If you don't have a figure, but can come up with a possible link, that would help, too. The Museum of New Zealand don't know, either!

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Well from Statistics of the Military Effort the number of New Zealanders in the Expeditionary Forces was estimated as 25,287 of which 1,047 were officers and so would have had to make a claim for their medals. Send too low a number, see below


Then New Zealand "has since recruited 220,099 as far as the Army is concerned"


So these numbers and source are probably not too helpful!


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The NZEF has 100,444 leave New Zealand in WW1 for service overseas.  This does include some Reinforcements at sea when the Armistice was declared.  Total under the Colours in WW1 was 125,000.  


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