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Remembered Today:

Cher Ami, and remembering Pigeons at war.

o j kirby

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Today, the 13th June is National Pigeon day. It is also the day in 1919 when the famous war pigeon Cher Ami died. This wee bird became famous as a result of its part played in the history of the "Lost Battalion" in 1918. While we remember all the human lives lost during the Great War, let us not forget the role played by the humble pigeon and those birds that died doing their duty.

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The pigeons who served in the French army are remembered with a monument in Lille. The Germans shot many of their keepers. They, too, are commemorated, but very much as an afterthought. The monument leaves no room for doubt - the real heroes wore feathers.

pigeon 2.jpeg

pigeon 3.jpeg

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