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Wanted: Footage of Prince Edward in France.


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Hi all,

My mother always said that there is a piece of footage of Prince Edward, taken in France which also features my Great Grandfather. I have tried looking online but can't find any films taken of the PoW during this time.

If anyone knows where I can access any relevant material I would be grateful.

Kind regards

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There is some footage of the PoW in France in this film:


A search of the British Pathe archive may produce more.


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Hi you probably need to supply some more detail of the time line, location and any particular identification that may assist in a search. 

What was happening at the time, was it a parade, a visit to the trenches and a description of the soldier. Bearded, mustache, scar, glasses. Kilted if Scottish regiment. 

The reason being that I have seen a few Prince Edward films and knowing more would assist. Even regt may assist in film descriptions. 

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