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trench mortar or other piece

battle of loos

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good morning,

I try to identify to which "trench mortar or other" belongs this piece :


material : brass
dimensions : (measurements in millimeter)


additional information : 
- found with carrying cap for apple toffee.
- fixed by 3 nails (yellow circle)
- in the blue square, is it a marking or not?

thank you in advance for your help.

good week end.


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Initial thought would be that this looks like a clinometer type scale given the limited + and - angle range - normally, this type of scale would be used to set the Angle of Sight for an artillery piece rather than for setting the Tangent Elevation which would normally require a larger positive scale?

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thank you for this orientation.
I hadn't thought about it.


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It's not a definitive observation but, if this is from a WW1 piece of military equipment, the font looks to be slightly gothic in form and may therefore be German.

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