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Online: The Cavalry Journal (published London) all editions Volumes 1-32, 1906-1942


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''The Cavalry Journal'' was published by The Royal United Service Institution, London from 1906 to 1942. The cover/internal title for  quarterly editions from April 1938 was  ''The Cavalry Journal Horsed and Mechanised''. 

https://archive.org/search.php?query=("+Royal+United+Service+Institution")+AND+title%3A(The+Cavalry+Journal)&sort=date ''The Cavalry Journal'' at Archive.org from  Volume 1 1906 to Volume 32 1942, all editions.

There were no editions 1915-1919, but subsequent editions contained articles about the Great War period.

The articles cover historical periods prior to first date of publication,  including uniforms. 

There was also an American publication with the same title.


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Excellent, thank you Maureen, I have been waiting to gain access to issues of this journal. 


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Thank you Maureen, yet another treasure trove of meaningful detail that will no doubt cover a diverse range of material given the publication span.

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Thanks Maureen, this is excellent - I was planning to go the National Army Museum to look at these. You've saved me a trip!

All the best, John

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I couldn't agree more. with regard to books. The British Newspaper Archive is making great progress in digitising newspapers, and there's an excellent initiative under way to digitise archive material in military museums, though it's at quite an early stage of development: https://www.theogilbymuster.com/


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