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Researching Two R.G.A. Officers and their Units


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Hello all,

I am currently researching two officers of the R.G.A. - Major Charles Albert Gatt and Major George Mompalao de Piro. I have their basic biographical details, dates of promotion and their pre-war units, but what I am stumped on is which units they served with during the Great War. Thus far I have collated the following information pertaining to their Great War service:


George Mompalao de Piro:

1914-1917: Served with No. 88 Battery at Hong Kong

17.07.1917: Transferred to Home Establishment

17.12.1917: Landed in France (unit unknown)

04.1918: Wounded in action (unit unknown)


Charles Albert Gatt

24.12.1916: Landed in France (unit unknown)

24.02.1917: C.O. 213rd Siege Battery - on this day sent to hospital and succeeded in his command by Major Hartcup. 


In Gatt's case, he is mentioned in the war diary of the 213rd Siege Battery on 24.02.1917 as being invalided to hospital. This is the first entry in the diary (WO95/541/10) and he is not mentioned subsequently. I have also checked the war diary of the 3rd Heavy Artillery Group, which is meant to cover the 213rd S.B. prior to the latter starting their own war diary (WO/95/297/2) but there is no mention of Gatt. A helpful member on another forum also informed me that Gatt may have served with the 185th S.B., but he is not mentioned in WO/95/477/9.


In brief, does anyone know with which unit George Mompalao de Piro may have served with in France between December 1917 and April 1918 (and possible after)? Or any information on whether Gatt landed with the 213rd S.B. in December 1916 and ever returned to France after his invaliding to hospital in February 1917?


Many thanks for all and any help!



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