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WW1 Soldbuch - Paul Heuduk


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Hoping for some help in understanding this Soldbuch that I have just picked up - the thing that interested me about it is that between the Wars he moved to England, marrying an English lady in 1935, in 1940 he was interned on the Isle of Man, when he was released it seems to have been to work with Napiers (who made aircraft engines), on 30 July 1944 he died with his death certificate noting ""due to War Operations" as the cause of death









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His vital statistics:


Paul Friedrich Henduck

Born 27 January 1896 in Schwerte, municipality of Hörde, State of Prussia.


His parents:

Emil Henduck, Händler [= Trader] and Dora Falke

Living in Schwerte at Hellpothstrasse 11.


This is Hellpothstrasse 9, so 11 would be next-door (you can see a sliver of that house on Google streetview, next to the white van)

Nr 9 is now a restaurant https://daslokal.info/


Paul’s religion is Catholic

He’s a “Dreher” [a Lathe operator]

He’s single

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He was 1.80m tall with blond hair, boot size 29.5 cm. I think it says that his chin, mouth, and nose were all "normal" and that he had no particular identifying marks.

He was promoted to Gefreiter on 7.7.17 and was awarded an Iron Cross 2nd class on 13.12.17.

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Brilliant, thank you both for your observations, British Service books are my staple so I know those well, but move onto German bits and I'm totally lost. I'm working on other angles to try find about his later life in England and the cause of death.

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He was also awarded the wound badge in black on 30.7.1918 but I can‘t find him in the casualty lists.


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More excellent info, I also found confirmation that he was killed by a V1, thanks again for all the help


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