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Remains of 17 French recovered


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It is interesting to compare one of the photographs from the article on the recovery of the French remains, with one taken in April 1919, by Lt. William James of the Australian War Records Section.

There are several reference points which appear in both.

- The headland of Cape Helles

- The remains of the jetty which once ran out to the River Clyde

- Part of one of the north-west wall's towers, of the fortress of Sedd el Bahr

- and one further similarity is found in the text of the article, which refers to

Authorities were also able to identify three tombstones belonging to Cmdr. Galinier of the 58th Colonial Infantry Regiment, and Capt. Stefani and 2nd Lt. Charvet of the 4th Zouaves, according to the French Embassy” and we see in the 1919 photograph at least two 'tombstones'.

Is it possible to draw any conclusion from these similarities? Such as, 'Is this the spot where the remains were found?'

If it turns out that the answer is 'yes', then how were they missed by the French, when the remains of their fallen were concentrated into the French National Cemetery & Memorial above Morto Bay, which was completed in 1919-1926?



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