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RFA Training School Leighton Buzzard?


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This is the back of a postcard from an RFA Trooper.  I believe it says Artillery School Leighton Buzzard.  There may be a number but i can't make that out.

Has anyone any information on an artillery school in Leighton Buzzard during the Great war?


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Thanks for the swift response!

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Anyone have a reference to this TF training centre? I don't seem to be able to locate any! The Trooper on the postcard is a Territorial as he wears the Imperial Service badge.


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This would be No1 TF Training School, established 1915.

It moved to Ripon in 1916.

See: This old thread for details of other TF Training Schools:







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No. 1 (TF) Artillery Training School was only at Leyton Buzzard or in billets from July - November 1915. It was a training school for the 3rd lines of Northumbrian, West Riding and North Midland Brigades RFA.

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