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During lockdown I was able to download the IX Corps General Staff War Diary for August 1915 on Ancestry through a link with my Local lending library, but which is no longer available due to the ending of restrictions.

I am now analysing the the content with special interest the battle to take Hill 70 and Hill 112 on August 21at 1915

In the diary is a log of messages sent by IX Corps headed "Messages despatched 21/8/15" with the number 159 written in the top RH corner.  The page shows details of messages (1) (2) (3) and the beginning of (4). The next page I have is numbered 161 and starts with message (10)

 Does anyone have a copy of page 160 they can send me?

Many thanks





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The page is missing from the diary on ancestry, I haven’t checked the original National Archives copy and I’m struggling to find a WO 95 reference for it.

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   The reference for 9 Corps GS War Diary  appears to be:



      The bad news is that online it is not available as a freebie from TNA- The options are Ancestry or a visit to TNA.  Despite  the widespread -and welcome- availability of War Diaries (and the generous concession ,pro-tem, of free online access for most), -TNA will  drag out the original diary  if there is a problem.   TNA online at Kew is likely to be from the same film, -unlikely to have been filmed twice.

(I know it is obvious but it does catch people out-    Discovery has a major difference to the normal way of describing army hierarchies- as it uses Arabic numerals rather than Roman. Thus,  "IX Corps"- a familiar term and use to us on GWF - will cause difficulties-  while "9 Corps" seems to pop up the right object.)

2)  If this is wrong, the War Diary reference should be trackable on Ancestry- punch up the War Diary and use the film-frame feature at the bottom of the screen to scroll back to the beginning of the War Diary. The WO95 number should be on the front wrapper-and again the wrapper for each month's diary.

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The AWM on line War Diaries for - AWM Class 1,  General Headquarters,

AWM 4 Subclass 1/4 - General Staff, General Headquarters, Mediterranean Force,

AWM 1/4/5 Part 1 - August 1915, 

Page 58 - 9 th Corps mentioned at 0824 hours,

                    “ “        “               “         “   0850     “

Page 59 - “  “        “               “         “   1627      “

                -  “   “      “                “        “    1805      “

Page 60 -  “   “      “                “        “    2134      “.

May hold a clue to the missing signals page. If not there possibly from within the next two August diaries.


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Hello, the page 160 is missing.



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Dear Jay, Alan, Jeff and Emrezmen,

Huge apologies to all for not responding sooner, but due to unforeseen circumstances I have not found the time to log back on

I am glad to know the missing page is not in the Ancestry file so I did not miss it. I could check on site at the N.A. at Kew, but at the end of the day this is all background and nice to have but not essential to interpret what was going on.

I have been on the AWM site before re Palestine Campaign but hadn't thought of it in this case. I will follow up your suggestions Jeff

Once again many thanks to you all


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