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james drury

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Hay all, 

Quick bit of advice. 

Am researching a gunner in the RGA  - 36599  William Ernest Winchcombe 

I have his medal car and roll and have also found a medical record for him form 1918. 

The medal card and roll show him in the RGA  - the roll states unit as  'East Details RGA'

The medical record is from October 1918 from 31 CCS  - he had influenza - it shows him in RFA 20 Brigade HQ

It shows him with 7 years completed service - so enlisting around 1911 and then 48months with Field Force.  


I can't find any service record but the 1911 enlistment makes sense - I found employment  records for Great Western Railways stating he left on the 1st December 1911 - and rejoined GRW in October 1920.  

Can anything be gained from the service number 36599 ? - am searching for similar numbered service records at the moment. Would it be RGA or RFA ?

48 months with the field force on the medical record - would that suggest time in France ?  if so he has no 1914 or 15 star on his index card. 

As ever any tips very much appreciated :-) thank you. 



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your supposed RFA is actually RGA. Look at No 6 and others on the medical sheet as to the way RGA is written (RGA 180 HB ((Heavy Battery)). If RFA the F would most likely have a stroke through it,

So RGA confirmed

Rgds Paul

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I wonder if @grantowi has anything on him?

A Swindon man, originally attested 28/11/11 on an 8/4 basis, aged 18y7m,  and subsequently remobilised for a further period 9/4-8/6/21. New number 1407333. (Source RA Attestations on Findmypast).

perhaps MoD have a file? 


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Nope, All I have on him is his parents and a 1918 address.

Charlie - did it mention what he did in the GWR ?

Also looks like he told a porkie about his age, birth is registered 2nd/1895, making him 16 in 1911



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Hi all - thanks for the replies - very useful :-)

Certainly looks like he did tell porkies about his age - born 28th April 1895 so was 16 and a bit when joined up. 

As for the GRW looks like he joined them in 1910 and was a Machine Boy (Iron)  .... may be he didn't take to that too much and decided to give the military  a go. He left GRW in December 1911.  Can't have blotted his record too much as rejoined GRW in 1920 and stayed until  the mid 1930's. 





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I did notice on his Medal index he has the War and Victory Medal. No Star ©Ancestry

But if I'm not mistaken on his RA  Attestations is says S. W & V Medal ©FMP




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11 minutes ago, james drury said:

But if I'm not mistaken on his RA  Attestations is says S. W & V Medal

You are!! BW and V medal.


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