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Remembered Today:

chevron metal bullion stripe on khaki coloured card? 10thHussars or Tank Corps?


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  1. Does anyone know what this mystery badge is please. I believe dates from WW1
  2. A friend has had this chevron metal bullion stripe on khaki coloured card since he was a boy. His dilemma is that he kept it in the same box as his grandad’s cap badge & medals (he was originally in the 10thHussars and then the Tank Corps where he was awarded a MM, letter of commendation and made a King’s Corporal) and he does not know if it’s part of his memorabilia or an item bought off a market stall? If it’s connected with Grandad then it is a family treasure to be cherished.  I suspect the badge is British, but not a wound badge as they were a metal rectangular strip worn on the sleeve, but it’s a mystery? Any clues would be appreciated. Thank you Andrew





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I don’t recognise it at all Andrew.  It’s certainly not like anything British that I’ve seen.  On first reflection I considered that it might be half a service stripe chevron, but if so the ends should be of opposing angles, and in this case they’re matching angles.  I’m afraid I cannot think what it might be, but would suggest you keep an open mind as to uniformed civilian usage as well as military, although the khaki backing militates against that too.

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Thanks Frogsmile at least we know we are not missing anything obvious. Appreciate your quick response

It would be great to link it to the Tank Corp or 10th Hussars

Anyone seen anything similar please




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