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RAF WW1 Record - abbreviation meanings and (probably silly) questions


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I've been researching my stepfather's family tree, and finally found his grandfather's RAF record. I was so excited until I realised that I don't understand the abbreviations of the units (both to and from)... this really isn't my forte :blink: I'd be so grateful if I could pick your brains as to what any of them mean.

Edwin Hathaway was from Dorset but enlisted in London, I believe... I don't know if that helps shed light on anything.

I'm also a bit confused - I assume Rein Park means reinforcement park? What happened there? Re Concen Camp, Kirkbrook - I've googled this, but Kirkbrook seemed to be a storage place, what would a concentration camp have to do with it? And why are there so many reference-like numbers, such as 115119, 117737, 136890, etc? 

My knowledge of WW1 is really poor, I'm afraid to say :/ 

Thank you for your time; it's really appreciated x






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Hi Sam,


Welcome aboard.  Other experts will be along to provide more fulsome answers...however, here are a few initial thoughts.

Rein Park is probably Reinforcement Park and was a holding location for personnel before they were assigned to units.

"Concentration Camp" simply means a location where resources (people, equipment) were concentrated (i.e. gathered together).  It has nothing to do with post-WW2 conceptions of concentration camps.  

2AP is No.2 Aircraft Park

1 AD is No.1 Aircraft Depot

He clearly went to France (BEF) on 15 May 1919.  He spent a few days in the Reinforcement Park before being sent to No.2 Aircraft Park, which may be the same as No.2 Aircraft Depot at Candas.  He then spent some time on the Base Detachment before being posted to No.1 AD at St.Omer.

I'm sure others will correct any mistakes I've made in the above, and will add more details.  

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