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Location of Flers Support Line

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I'm researching 2nd Lieutenant Thomas Lant 1st/6th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers.  He died 1st Nov 1916. On this day he was part of the 149th Brigade grenade carrying party, ferrying grenades forward to the front line assaulting troops in the attack that had been planned for 1 Nov.  In the event the attack was delayed.  The carrying party was to be established initially in the FLERS SUPPORT LINE.  I think he was detailed to be part of the party that was supporting the 1st/7th Bn NF as his death on the 1st was recorded in their war diary and not the 1st/6th.

1st/7th War diary records 


''SNAG Trench held by A and D Coys, 100 yards on each side of PIONEER ALLEY, with half of C Coy in ABBAYE trench.  Remainder of C and whole of B Coys on this line.  Conditions very bad, mud and water were very deep in places. 

2/Lt LANT attached to Brigade Carrying Party killed''.

I've found SNAG Trench but was wondering if any kind forum member could identify the location of FLERS SUPPORT LINE?  A trench map would be great!!

many thanks




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From Index for WWI Maps & Air Photos (mcmaster.ca)

Trench Name Nearest Place Map Sheet Number Map Squares
Snag Trench [Diagonal Trench] Le Sars 57dSE2 & 57cSW1 M 17 c, d
Nose, The [Snag Trench & The Tail] Le Sars 57dSE2 & 57cSW1 M 17 c
Diagonal Trench [Snag Trench] Le Sars 57dSE2 & 57cSW1 M 16 d, 17 c, d


Le Sars | Digital Archive @ McMaster University Library


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great stuff, thanks.  Confirms my SNAG findings.  

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Don, you are a star, many thanks

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