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Warrior and Prisoner of War - Antwerp to Doeberitz by Norman Pugh - modern reprint, David R Thomas

Jonathan D'Hooghe

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N Norman Sheffield Pugh: WARRIOR AND PRISONER OF WAR - ANTWERP TO DOEBERITZ 1914-1918 - David Randall Thomas; | Foyles Bookstore 

I am seeking to borrow or preferably buy a copy of this out of print book. Can anyone help please?

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Just to clarify, David Randall Thomas seems to have been the author or editor, and the publisher Elephant Books London in 2018.

The only library copies I can see are in the copyright deposit libraries, and there is nothing for sale at bookfinder.com. It doesn't seem to be on the publisher's list any more, but I suppose it's just possible they may have some remaindered stock http://www.elephantbookcompany.com/.

Alternatively, an inter-library loan should be possible via the British Library On Demand service: https://www.bl.uk/on-demand.

Good luck!






PS: all the catalogue records I can see have the name spelt Döberitz.

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I have it at Home, I guided David around the area in 2017 or 2018. I've posted the pictures here.

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Thank you Sea Jane. Yes, Norman Pugh was the original author and Thomas was the editor of the modern reprint

I'll try the link as you suggest to Elephant Books



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