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Turmdecke aus Nickelstahl (Free E-book!)

Tom Oliviers

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I re-installed publisher and this week i created this mini-book, offcoarse free for all.

Because i did not went long to school, i never had english, so if you guys see some grammar errors, just let me know in this topic, i'll change them.
When its clear of errors, i'm thinking to add this book to kindle/play books/... (free offcourse, i dont want to make money on behalf of the soldiers who died to protect our countries)

You also can add this pdf in drukzo.be (as example), its created in A3-format, so you can print it there if you like to have it on real paper. I dont print them on large scale to avoid taxes etc from our goverment.

I've uploaded the link to my google drive (it was to big for here)



Best regards
Tom Oliviers

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