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German modified 1889 Belgian bayonet


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hello,today i will have a chance to byuythis type of bayonet,but its hard to find in the web aconfirmed original,maybe someone have a certain genuine piece to show how exactly the modification should look like or few pics from te refference book.i,m interested in the short version.i dont know what exactly the EB type it can be just heard that Geraman mod of 1889.are there a many different types?any info appreciated

best regards

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Good evening, 

Here is mine example. 




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Posted (edited)
  • thank You ver much Gents for the refference,there is a plan change and i will see the bayonet tommorow.seller told me that there are no any visible markings beside the belgian due to the cleaning,the barrel ring is cut off.and i think that his bayonet is a longer version it measures 420mm.i will try to add photos tommorow.one or time thank You best regards.by the way-very nice bayonet You have there
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