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Does anyone know of good websites to find photos of specific soldiers?

I would be grateful for as many sources as possible. 


Thanks everyone

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Six hours since you posted and the lack of response on a busy forum like this one should tell you all you need to know :)

There are no good websites with significant numbers of pictures that are in your face, so to speak - but there are lots of pictures out there, both online and offline. You just need to get creative with your search while being prepared to accept there may never have been a picture to begin with.

I'd suggest start with a google search - all, not images, as you will also pick up references to pictures behind paywalls which won't display in images. At least knowing there is something to find is a start.

Then move on to the likes of the British Newspaper Archive, (if you are after individuals of the forces of the British Empire) and the likes of the Newspaper and Periodicals Collections of FindMyPast and whatever it's equivalent is with Ancestry. That will give you access to those contemporary local newspaper titles that have been digitised and which contain many pictures. The software used to transcribe images into text on these sites is usually quite atrocious, so once again you have to think a bit outside the box as the captions can be mangled into all sorts of absurdities. Bear in mind these newspapers were totally dependant on family \ friends to submit pictures, so they are going to crop up in papers read by those same families \ friends, and so won't automatically turn up up where and when you might expect them.

Three quick examples:-
Photo-gallery of a families sacrifice and devotion to duty. 8 sons with the colours. Except 4 are son-in-laws, the daughters having moved elsewhere in the country or emigrated.
Photo-gallery of men from a particular street \ village \ workplace prompted by one event - death or award for gallantry for one of the individuals.
Images of men missing from the early months of the year appearing in newspapers with appeals for information from returning PoWs - often in other areas of the country.

Then try posting a request for help here for a specific individual.

Then consider a visit to the relevant County Archive - there are many titles that have not yet been digitised. But be prepared for the long haul - they are not indexed and you will have to wind through mile after mile of microfilm, with no guarantee there is anything to find.

Finally repeat the google, BNA\FMP\Ancestry searches on a regular basis as new stuff will come along.

If subscription is an issue and you live in the UK then worth trying out your local library service. Most subscribe to BNA and either Ancestry or FMP, (sometimes both) and so library members can access them for free while in the library.

Hope some of that helps,

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