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Casualty Reports- India incl Mespot


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These seem so difficult to find that I thought to collect some here as I find them as those odd scraps used in Service files etc.

Courtesy FindmyPast    origin file  WO 363. 5434 Harold Richard, Northumberland Fusiliers  

  re  PG9792 PG9796 PG9798 dated June 1917


In this list the following have been indexed by FMP and are easily found in a search:

Mudie  1574

Davis   53630

Cramsie 26760

Elliott  22428

Outram  5251

Not indexed are:

Kirk J 61374 MGC formerly 22144 Worcestershire

Nimmo R  26645  Highland Light Infantry

Hickinbottom J  11492 Leicestershire


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  • charlie962 changed the title to Casualty Reports- India incl Mespot

courtesy FindmyPast. source service file  WO 363. B/1202 Albert Miller, Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)

PG10876    dated August 1917

Note, Image previously Copied in stilleto's posting page 12 CasualtyList thread


Note all have been indexed by Findmypast except:

Fox J  Conductor  Indian Miscellaneous List

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I am going through the Times OCL looking for Bolton Artillery casualties in Gallipoli and noticed this on 23/12/1915. 



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Brian. Thank you for that. I haven't too much problem with the Times or Official Casualty Lists for killed, wounded, missing (there are gaps of course)which in the early days to mid 1916 at least are clearly identified as Persian Gulf. 

The big void is those sick and wounded lists, which presumably went to India or originated in India. Telegrams were sent to England from Basra and India so copies should turn up occasionally in UK files but so far I have only seen two PG type documents. There is presumably a predecessor to PG and other variations. I have not fully studied David's spreadsheet.


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"1063357804_PG4622part.JPG.b974fbbee1df7dd5f32503ae33cd6876.JPG (1562×1600)" 1063357804_PG4622part.JPG.b974fbbee1df7d

Copied from dink's caslistthread

Would PG4622 be c Jan 1917?

These are Indian soldiers taken prisoner of war by the Turkish at the fall of the garrison at Kut al Amara 29/4/16 and held at a railway work camp at Ras el Ain.

Interesting to see that PG lists could be used for reporting these PoWs.

Findmypast has indexed their names. Edit- apparently from the file of McElin 49761 but although there are are other half-sheets I couldn't see this one.


Edit. That list would probably have been compiled from an ICRC notification and would be for circulation in India rather than telegraphing to England.

but McElin only served UK so why did this get into his file, even as a scrap?



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Just noting some HD lists for Mespot.

Form W3034 in the file of Farnworth, MGC, gives the following list. Farnworth also appears on a partial list on Brian Morris's so named thread.

"British Army Service Records 1914-1920 Image | findmypast.co.uk" https://search.findmypast.co.uk/record?id=gbm%2fwo363-4%2f007299024%2f00198&parentid=gbm%2fwo363-4%2f7299024%2f11%2f176 

And the reverse 

"British Army Service Records 1914-1920 Image | findmypast.co.uk" https://search.findmypast.co.uk/record?id=gbm%2fwo363-4%2f007299024%2f00199&parentid=gbm%2fwo363-4%2f7299024%2f11%2f176


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